Janmashtami celebrations at Dwarka

A dance sequence at ISKCON’s Rukmini Dwarkadheesh temple Dwarka

The birthday of Lord Krishna, Monday, eighteenth August 2014 was a double celebration for Dwarkaites who were treated to a double bonanza on this wonderful occasion. Janmashtami was celebrated with great pomp and splendor at two places – one the upcoming ISKCON Rukmini Dwarkadheesh temple in sector 13 and the other at the Golokdham temple in sector 10. Thousands of people flocked to the sprawling pandal put up by ISKCON at sector 13; and at Golokdham’s Radha Govind Mandir. Several programmes like dances, dramas, quiz competition, rock band, etc. were held on the occasion at both temples as devotees thronged both the venues to join in the revelry and receive the blessings of the Lord.

A dance drama ‘Krishna Leela’ was staged at ISKCON temple which depicted the life of Lord Krishna, right from his birth till the time he guides Arjuna to his goal. The drama was interspersed with several dances narrating the story of Lord Krishna’s life. The role of Krishna was played by HG Adi Yogi Das Prabhu of ISKCON (East of Kailash) and Arjun by Rameshwar Rai. The play was conceived, scripted and directed by HG Adi Yogi Das Prabhu. Dwarka based dancers Tripti Kalra, Sapna Attavar and Anusha Ramchamdran, all senior disciples of famous Bharatanatyam Guru Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar portrayed scenes from Krishna’s life through dances, all choreographed by Tripti Kalra. The entire programme and range of dances spanned the time from Krishna as a baby, up to adulthood. A total of seven dances were performed lasting an hour.

Sapna at Radha Govind temple- Golokdham after her performance

Radha Govind temple at Golokdham also witnessed festivities and joy in large measure as the Lord’s birthday was celebrated as usual, in a grand manner. A cultural programme was organized with many children participating enthusiastically in dramas and dances. Sapna Attavar after finishing her dance drama at ISKCON, rushed to Golokdham temple to perform a solo Bharatanatyam dance on Lord Krishna. All the programmes were organized in a professional manner and regaled the audiences at both locations.

Citizen’s reporter
Mythili Attavar