Parliamentary proceedings on media

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

It refers to justified concern expressed by Shantaram Naik (Congress) in All India Conference of Party Whips recently held in Goa about insignificant coverage of Parliamentary-proceedings in media for which Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister reportedly agreed taking up the issue with presiding officers for convening a meeting with media.

Mostly private TV news-channels concentrate more on TRP-based news-stories full of criticism and sensation, it should be compulsory for all private TV news-channels to give at least half-an-hour uniform prime time say between 8.30 pm to 9 pm where it may be compulsory for them for a direct telecast of news-bulletin and important Parliamentary proceedings from Doordarshan. Timings of Doordarsahan news-bulletins and coverage of Parliamentary proceedings can be re-scheduled accordingly for such simultaneous telecast by all TV news-channels including Doordarshan and private ones.

Likewise it should be compulsory for private FM radio-channels to broadcast simultaneous news-bulletins between fixed time-durations in morning and evening by giving them liberty to relay their own news-bulletins in the manner such freedom is available to private TV news-channels.