Petition for urgent reforms….for your signature and participation

Dear friends,

As you know several groups and NGO’s have come together and decided to join forces to somehow bring about a breath of fresh air and safety in our highly tension charged and unsafe lives.

The petition below has been put together by several young citizens who are dedicating a large part of their time and resources to make our country safer. We need to put our collective might behind it to help ensure that it becomes one of the turning points for a better life for you and me.

It asks for immediate implementation of the Police reforms which should have been implemented in 2006 as directed by the Supreme court and also an overhaul of the criminal justice system especially with regard to violent crimes committed by juvenile offenders on the cusp of adulthood.

Please read and sign it and circulate it to all your friends , where ever in the world they might be.

We want thousands of signatures from around the world to help create a safer environment for all citizens, tourists and guests of this country.

Let’s join hands and do it together !


Dr. Anjali Mehta