Post demonetisation- Simplify all forms with facility of on-line payment

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

All public-sector undertakings (PSUs), departments of central and state governments should simplify all their forms with facility of their on-ling filling and payment if required being made mandatory, like presently exists in case of application for passport-forms of central government and property-tax payment of various municipal corporations of Delhi.

It will not only be convenient and user-friendly for citizens, but also be beneficial and cost-saving for concerned government-agencies/PSUs. At times, hand-filled forms are not easily readable and at times incomplete. On-line submission of forms will not be accepted unless these are complete in all respect with full details. On-line facility for payment of fees if required will lead towards a cashless economy specially desired after demonetisation of currency-notes of higher denominations. Providing registration-number after properly filled forms, will fix responsibility on concerned ones for time-bound delivery of service, apart from unnecessary rush at public-dealing counters.

With Aadhar-number linked with every bank and post-office, even banks and post-offices can adopt such a system for various facilities including like opening of new accounts, handling requests for new cheque-books, issue of credit-cards etc. thus reducing rush at counters of bank-branches and post-offices across the country. System will reduce requirement of man-power in the system thus resulting in saving of funds for public-exchequers.