Pollution par excellence- Nasirpur Subzi Mandi

Kalyani Banerjee
Dwarkaites are thinking or dreaming of a polythene free zone but the photographs tells a different story. 

Residential flats, poly bags, pigs, cow and the MCD Primary School. Clean environment is a dream not only for the residents but also for the Primary School children. They may not be aware of clean, pollution free environment. Is Government agencies watching?
The pictures are of the area behind Unauthorised and illegal Nasirpur Subzi Mandi. Poly bags are strewn all over the vacant land between Nasirpur Subzi Mandi and MCD Primary School. Think of the environment under which the children are studying in the nearby MCD Primary school and the nearby residents. 
boundary wall at Nasirpur
village side & Mahavir Enclave side.VULNERABLE
The boundary wall is also damaged for easy trespassing and malba dumping. Authorities seems to be not bothered about the ground reality of pollution by plastic bags and of environmental pollution.