Promotion of HOCKEY in India through Dwarka Parichay

Dear Dogra Ji,

It is good to note that Dwarka Parichay has been regularly covering education-related news of several Dwarka–based schools. One very good example of DP’s coverage is the inauguration of a computer lab in a school in Dwarka. I am certain this will give a boost in promoting the use of the latest technology in schools – a must, if India has to take the lead in global technological advancements. I trust DP will continue to highlight such news in future too.

Along with academics, DP has also been promoting sports, especially cricket in a big way. I am aware of the splendid and persistent efforts you had personally taken over the years, to successfully convince the then Government of India to confer the Bharat Ratna on Sachin Tendulkar – the God of Cricket.

However, Dogra Ji, you and I are well aware that Hockey was, till not long ago, the No. 1 sport in India. India taught modern Field Hockey to the World. Indian Hockey had seen glorious days right from the Olympics in 1928. Winning the Gold in all the six consecutive Olympics (from 1928 to 1956) had become a habit, nay second nature to the Indian Team. The Indian men’s field hockey team is the most successful team in Olympic history with 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Indian Hockey has seen its worst days, and thanks are due in large measure, to the interference ofPolitics in Sports, especially in Hockey. Introduction of Astroturf and the migration of many hockey-playing Anglo-Indians to Australia, coupled with the rise in India’s cricket fortunes have been major contributors to Hockey’s decline. When India gets to its winning ways once again, it will directly result in enhanced popularity for the Sport, and will attract better sponsorship, leading to much better promotion of Hockey. A cascading effect will be pumping of more money into the Game, subsequently leading to more monetary rewards for the Hockey Players, like Cricketers.

 I request you, Dogra Ji, to arrange to bring out a series of articles in our esteemed DP, on the promotion of hockey by various sports academies all over Delhi and NCR and in other parts of India. I am sure; these investigative articles will go a long way in providing a fillip to hockey in India, and the publicity in our esteemed newspaper will result in more youngsters (boys and girls) beginning to wield the hockey stick. It will also lead to greater popularity of DP, wider coverage and substantial increase in hits, resulting in more number of advertisements and hence, boosting the revenues of DP.

I understand, Shri Ashok Kumar (former India Hockey Player and son of Hockey Wizard Bharat Ratna Major Dhyan Chand) is on ‘The Creatives World’ WhatsApp Group. His advice may also be sought to find ways and means to resurrect the glory of Indian Hockey.

Thanking you for early compliance, for the benefit of Hockey in India. I look forward eagerly to your positive response to my suggestion.

With warm regards

Anup Attavar