Removal of Speed breakers on Dwarka flyover

Mr. S. Srivastava
Joint Commissioner of Police – Traffic
New Delhi

Dear Mr. Srivastava,
Subject: Request – Removal of Speed breakers on Dwarka flyover

We would like to draw your attention to the speed breakers that have been put on the Dwarka flyover by traffic police and DDA after few accidents (of bikers) that had taken place and which had been covered very widely by media and news papers.

These speed breakers are causing huge traffic jams on both sides of the lanes and it has become increasingly difficult and tiresome to drive this stretch. The speed breakers are all over the stretch. We fail to understand the reason for so many speed breakers. The main purpose of the flyover is completely defeated.

There are no easy and accessible entry and exit points to Dwarka. Residents of Dwarka have only two option, and, both of them are not convenient. The reasons are mentioned below.

1. Dabri Mod: As you are well aware, this road takes heavy traffic through out the day and night. The major cause is the bad road condition, bus stop, various modes of transport from rickshaw, scooters, bikes, tempos, trucks, DTC bus, cars and over and above the cows and buffalos. Driving is a complete nightmare in this stretch.

2. Palam Railway Crossing: Again, the conditions for the road are terrible here, and there are lots of encroachments on the road, leaving very little space for the moving traffic. Despite all these, there is heavy traffic on this road also. Driving this stretch is also quite a task in itself.

Residents of Dwarka were very relieved to see this flyover come up which eased out traffic to quite an extent. All these years, since its opening, there were no fatal accidents that took place. Due to few series of accidents which happened, more due to the driver’s/biker’s fault (over speeding), the speed breakers were installed randomly without any thought process, which is causing huge traffic jams and giving people tough time commuting.

We have the following suggestion to make this flyover jam free:

1. Keep only One speed breaker when we climb the bridge, towards airport, before the sharp turn. Same for the return can have only One speed breaker on down hill, entering into Dwarka.
2. The speed breaker should be of the standard specification as order by Hon. Court
3. Remove rest all the speed breakers. These are not required at all as there are no sharp turns.
4. Put up a mesh on the sharp turn. (We were told that this is being considered and Traffic Police were in discussions with DDA).
5. Install CCTV camera for speed check at important points. This is important as Traffic Police cannot be present every where and at all times.
6. Re-carpet the roads that lead to Palam railway crossing, which can be used by commuters. At present, this is not used by commuters as the road is full of potholes and lot of encroachment. This could be an alternate route to ease out traffic over the flyover.
7. Darbri Modh– recarpeting of the road. Desperate need of the hour.

We would appreciate if you could take note of the above and take some corrective steps to ensure smooth traffic on the flyover.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Resident of Dwarka
Dwarka Forum