A request to Sign and support the petition for Real Estate Regulation Act

Government has been very keen on bringing the home segment on the service tax, This urgency seem to be missing for bringing the real estate regulation, The bill was initially introduced in year 2009, and since then has been lying in cold storage, There have been recent news that it is reviving and ministry is planning to bring it in the monsoon session, However considering the affiliations and stakes of our political leaders in real estate, consumers do not wish to leave any chances and are gathering a mass movement to ensure that government takes it very seriously this time.

Home buyers across the nation have same set of grievances, and there is urgent need to overhaul the system and bring in stringent guidelines for builders. The gravity of situation can be ascertained by the fact that an online petition filed for bringing real estate regulatory body received 500 plus responses within days of launch, and people across the nation are gathering and supporting the cause. This petition will be sent directly to Sh Kamal Nath, Union Cabinet Minister of Urban Development with all the signatures collected and will show support of consumers for bringing legislation to control the builder mafia.

This is our chance to show that we as consumers can make a difference. Please share this link and ask every family member, relative or friend in any corner of the world to sign this online petition. Share this link in your facebook / orkut page, share with your office colleagues, share within your online community group, share with your residential group, share with anyone and everyone

We encourage people across the nation to come forward and support the bill,

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Submited by Seema Joshi, M : 9810973857