Adventure overnight Camp at Sri Venkateswar International School, Dwarka

A rush of adrenaline; a desire to go beyond; the fear of injury; wanting, wanting and yet holding back, is what most of the campers felt before each activity and when the task was underway; they felt this is what living is!

Next mission accomplished, a sense of short-lived elevation with a burning desire…I want to do much more….I have conquered my fears!

The adventure camp attended by 110 school students, teachers and administrative staff members on 5th and 6th October, 2010 led to re-discovery of `self’ by most of the campers. One of the many aims of education, more so at Sri VIS where school life is all about `making dreams come true’ through `discovery of `self’.

The high mountains like experience made the curriculum all the more exciting and enriching.

Garvit Khera of Class VIII was declared the best rock climber. All the campers including the Principal Nita Arora, Coordinators Shama Kappor, Malimi Pandey, Renuka Chander, teachers Sugandha, Geeta Vaid Monika Sharma, Shilpy Rattan, Michael, Arindam Paul, Harpreet and administrative staff Parul, Anuja, Ridhima, Inder, Sachin, and a team of many instructors and support staff made the camp memorable by their enthusiastic participation. Ms Annama, the staff nurse too had a relaxing and fun-filled day as the campers by and large had high levels of physical fitness.

The campers did rappelling, artificial river crossing, Burma Bridge, commando net, Australian Trolley apart from wall climbing.

Michael and Renuka kept the group live by on and off dancing sessions. The basketball, throw ball. Football and Kabaddi matches kept the campers busy till late in the night.

The sounds and sights of the camp made the campers asking for more, they were just pleading to extend the time by at least half a day more.