Synergy through Strategic Partnership Dwarka Parichay joins hands with Indian Talent Olympiad

Dwarka Parichay, one of the leading newspapers and the most sought after portal of the sub-city has tied up with a formidable partner, Indian Talent Olympiad, to give an impetus to its efforts in an issue close to its heart: the well being and interests of the student community.  Established with an aim to cater to the entire population of Dwarka as regards social initiatives and public concerns with the main aim of achieving a better quality of life for Dwarka residents, Dwarka Parichay has become a one-stop portal for major news as well as  issues affecting the sub-city. The organization has always worked for the betterment of the student population in Dwarka. Its initiative in sharing regular news and events has made significant contribution to the student community. It has reached out to almost all the schools and has built excellent relations with Principals, Teachers and even Students at large. With an aim to provide the best in the field of education, it has now entered into a strategic partnership with Indian Talent Olympiad.

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading organizations that conduct Olympiad exams. These are national level competitions that allow students to compete with one another. Students from different schools across the country come together on a common platform to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The organization is proud to have spread its wings across India and has registered 33,150 schools nationally. It has a strong student base of 1 Crore + students out of which 2,00,000 students are class toppers. These exams are open for students from class 1 to class 10 in Science, Maths, English, Computers, General Knowledge Drawing, Social Studies and Essay Writing. Students can opt for one or more than one subject as per individual interest.

The merger is sure to prove beneficial for all its readers particularly in the educational field, especially students. Both Dwarka Parichay and Indian Talent Olympiad firmly believe that today’s children shape our country’s tomorrow. It is only when they are exposed to the right kind of competition, that they achieve great things in life. Dwarka Parichay therefore strongly urges the schools and students to try their hand at Olympiads with Indian Talent Olympiad, and elevate the standards of students and schools.

Students can opt to participate in the on-going Online Olympiads also known as the Student Test Series. These are weekly tests that can be taken on any smart phone or tablet. The Online Olympiads are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Students can take these tests anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The duration of the test is 25 minutes, in which students are asked 30 Multiple Choice Questions. The questions are as per school syllabus; thus such exams act as additional practice for school exams. The overall question paper includes problem-based figures, coding-decoding, series completion, odd one out, symmetry, mirror images, embedded figures and alphabetical test questions. The complexity of the questions increases with each class.

Schools can also make the most of these Olympiad exams through student registration. It is a matter of great pride for schools when their students win prizes and scholarships at national level Olympiads. There are no pre-requisites for these exams and no minimum eligibility criteria. Thus, subject teachers can identify competency of students in individual subjects. Teachers can encourage maximum participation so that students master the fundamentals of each subject.

The questions for Olympiads are designed to involve students in brainstorming activities. Psychologists believe that some children use their right brain more, whereas some have the tendency to use their left brain. However, the questions asked in Olympiad exams make students to use both part of their brains. It makes them indulge in brain exercises that help to improve their intellect. Today’s education does not focus on rote-learning. The children of today are considered to be much smarter and advanced as compared to previous times. They need to practically understand concepts taught in class. Students are able to come up with correct answers only when they are allowed to experiment and analyse rationally.

Dwarka Parichay has always been recognizing meritorious students and encourages, motivates and inspires children to greater heights through distribution of awards and prizes bestowed on them on stage, in front of large and elite gatherings at public functions. Achievements of students in studies and extra-curricular activities have been widely publicized. Dwarka Toppers Awards have been conferred upon deserving students of Dwarka. Here is where the views and objectives of Dwarka Parichay and Indian Talent Olympiad converge. Says Mr. Dogra, Managing Editor : “Education and upbringing of the young in the best way possible leads to a better Society”. Mr. Jagadeesh, Co-Founder Indian Talent Olympiad feels “we need to make our children well equipped for tomorrow by imparting the appropriate skill sets that will help them to stand out in a fiercely competitive world”. Indian Talent Olympiad also offers various scholarships for deserving candidates. It believes that when students are appreciated for their efforts, they become self-confident. It pushes them to work hard and perform better each time they take part in competitions.

Indian Talent Olympiad offers Monthly as well as Yearly Prizes as follows:

Yearly Prizes

  • 1st Rank Achievers or the Yearly Toppers are felicitated with Rs 1 Lakh each for 10 Students from class 1 to 10
  • 2nd Rank Achievers are awarded with Laptops for 10 Students from class 1 to 10

Monthly Prizes

  • Monthly Rs 1 lakh cash prize is given to 40 toppers from Class 1 to Class 10
  • Class-wise Toppers are rewarded with Tablets in weekly Tests from Class 1 to Class 10
  • Students who stand 2nd, 3rd, and 4th get scholarships of Rs. 500, 300, 200 respectively

Dwarka Parichay is indeed impressed with the working of Indian Talent Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad too, has evaluated the wonderful work done by Dwarka Parichay and is all praise for the portal. Both entities consider every participant to be a winner, which is in itself a motivating factor for students. The scholarships, certificates, medals and other awards offered boost the self-esteem of children. Both have therefore joined hands with a single, common motive: to make a positive and noteworthy influence on the students of today. The target audience will not be confined to Dwarka alone, rather, will encompass schools and students from all over the country and abroad. The combine believes that education can be imparted best only through healthy competitions among children. Both players have understood the efforts taken by the other, which only bodes good for the schools and the student community.

Students can approach Dwarka Parichay for all details on how to prepare for Olympiad exams. Books are available for all subjects from Class 1 to Class 10. The content of each book is prepared by subject matter experts and educationists, after a lot of research and development activities carried out at the SME level. Chapter-wise questions are framed accordingly. Content creators are of the view that students must understand the difference between the right and the wrong answer. Therefore, each question has an explanation to the correct answer. It therefore becomes easy for students to think and arrive at the right answer.

Dwarka Parichay recommends all participants to refer to Olympiad books, as these not only help in scoring good marks at Olympiads, but also aid the students in preparing for school examinations. Previous year’s Olympiad question paper sets for all subjects are also available. These question paper sets familiarize students with exact format of the final exam, type of questions asked, marking for each question, and readies them for annual examinations.

The Annual Olympiads are scheduled to be conducted in two slots, viz. in December and February. Students can opt for any of these slots as per their convenience. A lot of practice is required to become a master at Olympiads. Attempting Indian Talent Olympiad’s weekly tests, prepare the child for the Annual Olympiads, as they ensure maximum practice before the main exams.

Dwarka Parichay and Indian Talent Olympiad are both putting their best foot forward. Both work hand-in-hand with one another to identify and nurture hidden talent in students. With innovative ideas, both promote education in the best way possible. At Dwarka Parichay, students can be assured that quality assistance and support will be available at all times.
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