Mr. Shailash Gandhi, Information Commissioner invited representatives of Dwarka Forum and other organizations for a meeting on 20th March. In the meeting, he invited items for incorporating in pro-active disclosure of section 4 of RTI Act. He is hearing appeal cases filed against the MCD and Delhi Jal Board at CIC and he was particularly keen about the kind of information the public requires from these two and other authorities.

From the Dwarka Forum, Mr. Rejimon, Ashok Chaitanya, Sushil Kumar and M. K. Gupta attended the meeting. They and other participants raised many issues of public interest concerning to these authorities including unauthorized constructions, encroachment and Tehbazari.

Mr. Gandhi informed that there is absolute no need to justify asking any information under the RTI Act, if that is not exempt. Public should also make efforts that the pro-active information should be put on the PA’s website suo-moto to reduce number of RTI applications. He also informed that if an information is put on the website and the applicant does not is not computer savvy or unable to see that information on the website, he even have the right to get that information from the PA and the it cannot refuse that information saying the same is available on its site. Such refusal cases should be brought to his notice through appeal/complaint.

Dwarka Forum requests its members to give their suggestions latest by 27.3.3009 about the type of discloser they require under section 4 (suo-motu disclosure) from the MCD and DJB. This will reduce the number of RTI applications and the citizens will be able to get instant information through the site. After receipt of the suggestions, Forum will forward them to Shri Gandhi for necessary action.

Rejimon C. K. As desired.
1 Implementation of Section 4 of RTI Act 2005.. All 17 manuals to be updated for all department and all zones.
2. All Acts/ Policies/ Circulars and any information such as as advt etc.. must be put on web page.
3.All List of personal along with their contact for respective heads as grievance for all zone, wards and departments.
4 It would be worth to disclose the amount collected from each wards or areas(Dwarka sub city) and amount spend for each.
5 List of responsibility (DETAIL) falls under MCD jurisdiction concerning Dwarka Sub City.
6 Taking over Announcement of services or facilities from DDA to MCD in Dwk Subcity