Sachdeva Global School organized One Nation Reading Together

Books are a tangible, valuable record of our world. Sure we have the internet and computers but books have their own importance. Books are there so we can learn, imagine and sometimes escape from the real world too. So, in order to promote the habit of reading, Sachdeva Global School, as a part of the initiative One Nation Reading Together, organized a book reading session on 30th November, Friday, wherein all the students of classes III-XI and the staff members collected in the school ground for an hour and a half to read the books of their choice.

The initiative really motivated the students to inculcate within them the habit of reading and develop love for different genres. There is nothing like sitting down with a new book, the pages crisp and fresh and reading about an adventure or a thriller. The students also expressed their thoughts and emotions on the graffiti wall which was placed in the ground. In all it was a successful event and the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly.