Sara feels left out of the Gujarati gang on Ram Milaayi Jodi sets

Prembabu Sharma

There’s a Gujarati gang on the sets of Ram Milaayi Jodi these days, what with not one, not two but three

Gujarati women shooting together day in, day out. Veteran actors Ketaki Dave, Krutika Desai and Nimisha Vakharia who are currently seen playing strong Gujarati women of the Gandhi family in the show are said to be bonding beautifully on the sets these days. Apparently, the three of them share more in common than just a Guju connection. They all have a strong theatre background with several years of having acted in plays and dramas. What’s more … They’ve all acted in movies too. Add to that, the fact that all three are devout Guju food lovers and the banter between shots never stops! Be it exchanging recipes, recounting anecdotes from their days of theatre & films, recalling fond memories from their hometowns and childhood, gossiping about actors they’ve worked with, they are thick as friends can possibly be.
Ketaki said, “It’s wonderful to be surrounded by Krutika and Nimisha. We go back a long way. Besides, we have so much in common. And you instantly feel at home when you can gossip in Gujarati…Sara is a lovely, bright girl and really tries hard to speak some broken Gujarati when Krutika & Nimisha and I are chatting away! With our fluency over the Gujarati language, she doesn’t really follow a word of our conversation…The only thing she manages to say is Jai Shri Krishna which is a sweet start!”

Sweet, huh? Well, not everyone on the sets seems to think so. Definitely not Sara Khan. “Why” you ask? Well, it’s certainly not very entertaining for the poor li’l heroine of Ram Milaayi Jodi who only speaks English and Hindi to constantly hear the trio rattle away in Gujarati. Sara said, “I feel so left out these days, I don’t understand a word of Gujarati and my dear ladies make it a point only to converse in their mother tongue. I get very bored. I’ve started spending a lot of time listening to music on my iPod.” Awww! Now that’s sad. Ketaki, Krutika & Nimisha, while it’s perfectly natural to want to exchange a few notes in your mother tongue, do you mind speaking a little in the national language so that others around feel included? Unless of course, you’ve been purposely speaking in Gujarati to avoid letting Sara find out what you’re saying about her. Ahem!

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