Shriram Automall announces welfare measures for staff & frontline warriors

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), a leading used vehicle auction platform based on number of vehicles listed for auction for the financial year 2020 (Source: RedSeer Report), has announced support to its employees, customers and society at large in the fight against COVID-19 through several initiatives.

It is rolling out appraisal and promotions for this fiscal year as well. 

All expenses incurred by SAMIL employees for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations will be borne by the company. In case an employee who succumbs to COVID-19, SAMIL will provide 100% basic salary to the family for a year, sponsor education of two children till the 12th standard through the company’s scholarship program and give medical coverage to the spouse andtwo children for two years. 

As the country fights a tough battle with COVID-19, SAMIL is doing their bit having set up a Special Task Force for its employees and their families across all 100 locations where they have a presence. Home sample collection, online doctor consultation and food delivery coordination is also being taken care by the Special Task Force. The team is also working on tie ups for vaccinations with local centres. 

SAMIL aims to actively contribute towards the CSR initiatives for the community at large, and thus during this time of global pandemic they came forward to help the nation. SAMIL announced support with contribution towards setting up temporary hospitals, oxygen ambulance services, vaccination drive for disabled and issuing insurance and vaccination to the drivers/cleaners through NGOs and government funds like the PM Care Fund, Hemkunt Foundation, ISKON, HumSafer Driver Safety Foundation, Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation and many more.

To support the COVID-19 frontline and the medical establishment, SAMIL also launched a Zero Fee scheme for its customers buying and selling vehicles for medical purpose or for any vehicle purchased by a front line warrior. Vehicles purchased by hospital employees, medical staff, doctors or other health workers will entail zero fees. Priority transactions, billing and logistics support will also be provided to all these customers. This program from SAMILs will benefit the frontline warriors.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it the onerous responsibility of organisations to not only ensure business continuity but also ensure the wellbeing of the employees, customers as well as those frontline warriors and institutes working day in and out for the safety of others. We stand tall with our people and believe this too shall pass, ‘ek aur subha aayegi’. Thirty years down, when my grandchildren ask me what I did for my fellow citizen when COVID-19 hit, I want to look them in the eye and tell them “Everything I could. And then some.” said Mr. Sameer Malhotra, Director and CEO, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) based on number of vehicles listed for auction for the financial year 2020.