Free Camel ride for Dwarkaites


Sounds interesting…. Wow free camel ride ….. Now there is no need for the delhiites to go to Rajasthan for a Camel ride. Now the people can enjoy the free camel ride here in Delhi itself .

Jokes apart, last few weeks in Delhi it has been raining so heavily that people have had to face many problems regarding traffic. During rainy season roads become the major problem for us. Yes I am talking about the road problem being faced by the people passing through Mahipalpur experiencing camel ride daily by the people. Roads of Mahipalpur are broken like a hell having lot of pot holes and lead to a camel ride.

Digging of roads for various reasons though necessary yet a major problem in Delhi. It is because roads are dig bit not restored back as required under the contract by the executing agencies. Few days back the road of Mahipalpur was dug for some reasons. As usual they didn’t restored back which further deteriorated due to rains and caused major deep holes converting the smooth road drive into a camel ride for the people. Though the Govt. provided road divider but slowly and slowly the divider has also disappeared in Mahipalpur causing traffic jams, accidents, etc etc… Now the people have to spend more than 30 minutes to pass through Mahipalpur.

That’s the never ending problem of our Delhi. Don’t know what will happen in 2010 which is the main spot for the Commonwealth Games.