Self – draw of flats by CGHSs at Dwarka

R.D. Bhardwaj
In the matter of Yogiraj CGHS Ltd. v/s. DDA (Writ Petition Civil No. 10066/2004, Delhi High Court, vide its Order passed on the 25th August, 2008, has cleared 57 CGHSs from the housing scam and advised RCS and DDA to complete the process of allotment of flats to the suffering members. The entire process of processing the documents of members of all the Societies should have been normally completed within six months. But, RCS was not moved since then and the concerned members of these societies were feeling harassed and cheated; as no one was listening to their problem. The matter has been dragged on by some selfish / vested interests, and thereby continuing harassment of ordinary members. They have been running from pillar to the post to get the possession of their dream houses; but both the Govt. authorities viz. DDA and RCS simply do not bother about their cause and concern to mitigate their sufferings.

As the patience of around 12,000 members pertaining to these CGHSs was wearing out, and also due to the fact that interests on their housing loans were mounting up and they also had to pay hefty house rents of the rented flats as well, they have now decided to do the self-allotment of their flats in the presence of some distinguished personalities like CPI General Secretary, Shri A.B. Bardhan, Rajya Sabha, MP from Andhra Pradesh Syed Aziz Pasha, and Congress MP from West Delhi, Mahabal Mishra. Members from more than 10 societies, including IDC, Baroda House, Janaksar, Shree New Anamika, Sapna Ghar, Crown, Appu Enclave and Satpari, took part in the draw, on the 3rd January, 2010. The purpose of this draw was primarily to ssecure “Living Rights in their flats.”

It is really an irony of fate that RCS, which has not processed even a single CGHS case since the last High Court Order delivered more than 16 months ago, has swung into action quickly and issued a notice in the leading newspapers, declaring the said draw as “null and void.” One question that also naturally comes to mind of the public is that – why both these Govt. agencies were working at a snail’s pace, since the DHC’s said Order dated the 25th August, 2008. When, DDA charges heavy a penalty @ 18% from its allottees for the delayed period of their payment of installments, on the same principle, whey some action should not be taken on the concerned officers of both these Govt. departments for continuously harassing the hapless members for such a long period. Who is responsible for delaying allotment and thereby causing huge losses to the members ? Who will make good of that loss, is there someone listening, who can come to the rescue of ordinary members ?

It is matter of every body’s knowledge that flats in most of these Societies are ready for the last 4/5 years. By the rough estimates, it can be said that every members has suffered a financial loss of Rs. 12.00 lakhs or more, due to the slow processing of documents and thereby delaying the draw of lots of these flats. Some responsibility deserves to be fixed on such officers of both these agencies for delaying rightful possession of flats of the members of these 57 Societies, who have spent all their hard earned money / loans / savings for the sake of getting a flats of their own, which is being systematically denied to then. Only then, some justice can be imparted to the hapless members of these CGHSs.