Anti Cracker Rally by JMIS students

‘ Instead of the crackers let your laughter be heard loud ‘ with this message , the JMIS students marched impressively to spread the message of a pollution free Diwali. A group of students from classes VI to VIII participated with their messages on placards. The anti cracker rally started with a pledge from the Principal to abide by the message of celebrating a Green Diwali. Slogans like “ na dhoom na dhamaka is baar no patakha” and “pollution free diwali, khushali hi khushali “ were the highlights of the rally. 

The rally was a great success , it covered the prominent areas and the residential complex of Dwarka. The residents and the people on the road appreciated the efforts. The slogans were delivered with great fervor and enthusiasm that it made a lasting impact on the passerbys and the residents of Dwarka.