Social Service is in my blood says B.S.Yadav

When you started the journey of Senior Citizen Association in Dwarka?
Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka founded in the year 2003. But Registration was done in 14th September, 2009.


What is the strength of Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka?

Right now, we have approximately 2000 member till date.

Have you tried to establish any recreation centre for senior citizen?
Delhi Govt. offered to establish Library in Dwarka but without space it could not bring out any fruit.

What is your previous background?
I was a Govt. servant & I Served for 55 years. I retired from CRPF as Commdt. And was on deputation with HOME MINISTRY-as Chief Security Officer & NSG-OFFICER COMMDT.

What are your achievements during your service?
I was rewarded with 2 meritorious police medals from President And 1 distinguishing services medal from President. I am Advisor-Ex Para military Force Association-Vice President for the last 15 years. Confederation of Sr. Citizen -Secy Gen.

Do you get any help from other organisations?
Yes, Off course, Helpage India and many more local organizations as well as individuals help us a lot..


Name few executive members of your association?
Vice-President: Shri Bhagwan Singh
General Secretory: Shri S.P Rastogi
Joint Secretory: Shri P.S Bhardwaj
Treasurer: Shri A.C Kashyap
Executive Member: Smt. Sadhna Sharma, Smt. Daya Rani, Shri M.C Sharma, Shri Sanjit Singh, G.R Bains and Shri Joginder Kapoor
Do you get cooperation of your team/members?
Yes, our team work always there and able to achieve our goal. Fortnightly health camps for elderly people organized for free test ortho, cardiologist etc.

What is the major problem with senior citizen in Dwarka?
We are unable to get proper medical facilities in Dwarka. Govt. central & State govt. employees don’t get proper medical care here.There are five Delhi Govt. dispencaries functioning in Dwarka but medicine are not available and even seniors as well as specialist doctors are not available to look after the senior citizen.

Have you tried to overcome such problems?
We have written letters to Director General Health and Health Ministry but in vein.

Your members are from which category?
Most of our members are from Service class retired person.

How do you maintain yourself fit and energetic?
I go for morning walk daily and there few old people gather and discuss on current issues. It keeps me fit and energetic.

What is your main mission in life?
I Always keep myself busy in social service as it is in my blood.

What is the official address & email ID to communicate you?
Any body may contact us at the the following address i.e; Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka, Flat No.-9, Pocket-1, DDA, Sec.-23, Dwarka , New Delhi

S.P. Rai – 28051011(Chief Patron)& B.S. Yadav – 9868881190

(As told to S.S.Dogra, Mg. Editor-Dwarka Parichay)