Pride of Dwarka – Akshita Yadav : Finalist for Femina Miss India 2016



Our Managing Editor S.S.Dogra interviewed Akshita Yadav a resident of Dwarka & Finalist for Femina Miss India 2016 to be held on 9th April in Mumbai. Let’s find out what she shared with him. Excerpts:

Who is the real inspiration behind your success?
My success can be credited to multiple people, thoughts and situations. The real inspiration behind my efforts, however, is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who said that dream is not something you see in your sleep but something that doesn’t let you sleep. His own life is an example of his philosophy and continues to teach me that hard work and perseverance are the way forward. This is true for not only beauty pageants but also for life in general. One should always believe that the power to convert dreams into reality lies within oneself and can be channelised with dedication and inner strength.

What is the turning point to come into the glamour field ?
I think glamour is not necessarily defined by profession but is more like a part of one’s personality. I have always enjoyed the spotlight and even as a child,I thought how it would feel to be on the other side of the television screen. Many a times I thought of auditioning for movie roles but never found the perfect opportunity. Then one day I saw the Miss India Audition advertisement in the newspaper and I thought, ‘Alright, why not. Let me go and try.’ I think that day continues to be the turning point for my entry into the glamour field as life has surely become more glamorous since then.

Whom do u see an ideal person as role model in this field?

An ideal person who continues to win hearts in this industry is Priyanka Chopra. She makes it look easy and has broken multiple barriers for professionals of this industry. She is a good mix of futuristic thinking and living in the present and working hard.

What are your hobbies?
I spend my leisure time in many different ways. However, sports has been a favourite since I can remember. I love to run marathons and play Basketball; Golfing and horse riding are what I am passionate about. I also love to pen my thoughts and so, have a personal blog which boasts of well crafted articles and poems. There is so much that needs to be conveyed, I wish I am able write a book soon. Ha-ha.

What is the vital stats…
Height 5’6.5 and a never dying smile 😀

What are the common good person should possess.

I think that in our quest for success and stardom, we sometimes ignore the basic values that keep us together and make the Earth a better place. One should be kind hearted and loving. Also, we should be grateful for all the little things that go into making us successful and better each day. Life is short so we should embrace new opportunities and help each other live a happier, fuller life.

What is your success mantra ?
‘JUST DO IT’ is my success mantra. More often than not, we want to achieve great things in life but keep waiting for the perfect opportunity when we will be most suitably prepared. While I am a committed endorser of planning and preparation, I also believe that we must not let the moments pass us by and ‘JUST DO IT’. When opportunity knocks, open the door and say hello!

What will be the next plan after getting the Grand Finale of Miss Femina org.
I would have to say that it depends on the result of the Grand Finale of Miss India 2016. Life of a Miss India is certainly not ordinary and it would be a folly to imagine it before it happens. What I can plan about is my academic career which will surely continue as strong as ever, with me going in for my higher degrees in economics and management. Whatever the field, I plan to enjoy the beauty of every day.

Any message for the young generation ?
We are a young nation and that means more and more responsibility is the youth. As per me, we need to realize that each of us has a unique quality that should be encouraged. And this is the only way we will live happier lives. We can start by making a conscious effort to discover and rediscover ourselves. Living someone else’s dream or living by someone else’s rules shouldn’t be the young. 

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