Wrestler Sangram Singh and Actress Payal Rohatgi Visited Shirdi

Nilofer Ansari  

To enter the sanctum of Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir, to offer the customary visit, the ornamental spread, is to touch the core of the Pujari, the one for who the heart is The True God. You enter a sacred space where all distinctions dissolve, where the “power of now”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, seems to draw into its vortex all other outer preoccupations of the mind. Pilgrims throng for a brief “Darshan” at Samadhi Mandir, the shrine of Sai Baba where His mortal remains were interred. Bollywood celebrities visit spiritual places many a time to seek the Divine Blessings for their Success and their Life. The beautiful Actress Payal Rohatgi and Bigg Boss 7 Finalist, Wrestler Sangram Singh recently visited Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir to offer prayers.

Sangram Singh who visited the holy place Shirdi for the first time said, “I was visiting these Holy places for the first time. Payal is a Ardent follower of Sai Baba ji and she has been there before too. But it was my first time. I felt great and blessed with my visit there.. The crowd of Common man Loved Me. And the Goodwill Post #Bigg Boss has Humbled Me. I am grateful to God for Always guiding me in my Life.”

He also shared his Bigg Boss experience, he said “I am now Getting out of the Reality show of whose part I was for a Total 105 days without a Single Day Break , Cut-off from the World completely. It will always be a important part of my Life. The experience was very humbling and has taught me how to be more Observant and maybe more Tolerant towards various People/Situations in our Normal Life too. Respect cannot be Demanded, Love cannot be forced.”