Sourabh Vyas next movie “Dhani Ka Digicam” based on human trafficking

Abhishek Dubey

Reality is the most coveted theme in Bollywood right now. With each passing day, Bollywood seems to be slowly turning its attention towards real life incidents to draw inspiration for a good script. The toast of the year seems to be nothing but cinema inspired from true incidents and real life characters. The director Sourabh Vyas who is known to make issue based films, tells the story of a 13-year-old-girl old virgin girl called Suli near the town of Bharatpur of Rajasthan (Dhani) who was pushed into prostitution and was rescued from it later. It is apparently based on a true story. The movie produced by Dr. Jaishree Manchanda.

Director Sourabh Vyas said, “I always feel strongly about the issue of human trafficking. This is something that has always bothered me. But I was waiting for a right story to come his way. I feel very moved when I heard about the heart wrenching story of Dhani and decided to make a movie on it. I feel this story needs to be told to the world.”

The makers want to ensure a realistic portrayal in every scene. Sourabh plans to shoot the movie in the red light area of Mumbai. This is first Indian film which will represent the handy cam in the film. Camera is itself a character in the film. The director sees whole film through the eyes of handy cam. Whole film will shoot in natural light and real locations.

Producer Jaishree Manchanda said, “When I listen this story I felt so touched. I decided to support this film. Because it deals with one of the biggest problem of child trafficking. I felt it’s my moral duty to make this film.”