Prembabu Sharma
Zee TV’s lucky mascot Salman returns on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs & dotes on Azmat

The reality shows on Zee TV might not be star studded but superstar Salman Khan has always been a permanent fixture in them. And everytime he comes, he ensures that he leaves everyone wanting for much more! This time, he came on the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs to promote his upcoming Eid release Bodyguard. This is Salman’s eighth appearance on a Zee TV reality show as he believes every appearance on a Zee TV show has brought him luck and all his movies promoted on the channel have broken records in the box office.

If there was one Li’l Champs who won Salman Khan’s heart right from the very beginning, it was li’l wonder from Jaipur, Azmat Hussain. From the minute Salman entered the stage, he had all eyes only on Azmat! The actor kept hugging & chatting away with Azmat and kept looking at the kid as if couldn’t believe that he was actually holding the Li’l talented champ! He said to Azmat, “My mom (Salma Khan) is a huge fan of Azmat. She does not miss a single episode of Li’l Champs and I’m sure she’ll be super happy to see me here when the episode comes on air. You are a fabulous singer; just make sure success does not reach your head in the years to come and be grounded always….” The contestants saw a very different side to Salman as he shared tips on handling success and being true to oneself! In all the masti that is always associated with Salman, viewers will see a rare philosophical side of Bollywood’s No 1 star.
It was endearing to see Salman join Azmat on stage for his performance on the Sufi number, Khwaja Mere Khwaja from the movie Jodha Akbar. The mentors Kailash Kher, Javed Ali and Adnan Sami accompanied Salman and Azmat on stage, sat down cross legged, donned the embroidered headgear worn by Sufi singers and gave a mesmerizing performance.

What was even more special and funny was that during Azmat’s performance, Kailash Kher joined in and decided to sing more than what Azmat had learnt! Azmat immediately waved at Kailash Kher to stop singing and continued with the portion of the song that he knew well….This was caught by Salman and he had a hearty laugh joking at Azmat daring to stop Kailash as he sang…. Salman said, “By stopping Kailash Kher confidently in the middle of your performance proved that you are the king when you take centrestage. At such an early age, only the most talented and confident of the lot can stand up to such measures of stopping the reigning doyennes of the music industry.” By the end of the performance, Salman was absolutely smitten by Azmat.

There were many other memorable moments like when Salman taught Azmat the alphabets, A, B , C, D when the actor was informed that he cannot afford to go to school. Salman offered to help on getting Azmat an education if required…On Azmat’s request, Salman also did a sketch for him impromptu. The superstar could not turn down a ten year old’s request and decided to sketch a portrait of a human face. That definitely became Azmat’s moment of boundless joy as he held the sketch close to his heart.

Don’t miss the Salman Khan special episode where for the first time in the history of all his television appearances, you will see an emotional and practical side of the man who is synonymous as the eternal lover boy in the Hindi movie industry.

Tune into Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs this Saturday, 27th Aug, at 10pm.