Sri VIS Conducts Inter-Faith Prayer Meet at school

As we seek peace in a world that yearns for tranquility and solace, Sri VIS provided its students and faculty with an opportunity to attend an Inter-Faith Prayer Meet on May 11, 2015. The purpose of the Meet was to promote a secular India by enhancing the understanding of different faiths. It also aimed at promoting the concept of unity in diversity as all religions, even if practiced differently; preach the same thing. It was made possible by the ITIHAAS Foundation, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and Gandhi Peace Foundation. 

The preachers in the session comprised Ms. Sita Bimbrahw, ex Delhi University faculty signifying Hinduism, Shri Shahnawaz Khan, an Islamic Scholar who talked about Islam, Shri Ramesh Kandpal representing Jainism; Sikhism was represented by a Panthi. Ms.Katsu Horiuchi, a Japanese lady, who has made India her home for the last 50 years, representing Buddhism and played a traditional instrument, Rev. E.I. Malekar representing Judaism. He also played the traditional instrument for promoting peace. He invited the students to visit the synagogue. Dr. A.K. Merchant from the Lotus Temple represented the Bahai faith and invited all to join hands in doing social work for special children.
The meeting started with an opening prayer sung by the students followed by the chanting of the ‘Gayatri Mantra’. The session included short discourses on different faiths followed by short prayers of each and ended with the ‘Ram Dhun’. It was an enlightening experience for the students as well as the teachers. It paved the way to search for a personal and global path to peace.