Protest March against Fee hike by Dwarka Forum

Few intellectual parents pointed out that a platform should be created where the Government, Education Department, School Management and Parents can express their grievances and proper and collective decision can be taken before any further implementation in school fee.

Dwarka Forum organized a Protest March at Sector-14 on 8th March, 2009 against School Fee hike by Delhi Government. Around100 parents & children from different sectors of Dwarka Sub-city carried posters, slogans and raised their voice. According to Sushil Kumar-General Secretary-Dwarka Forum, many Members of Dwarka Forum and other sufferer Parents joined the protest march and expressed their anger towards Delhi Govt. and Directorate of Education.

The sufferer parents informed that Schools are not following the Delhi Government’s directives in this regard. They are threatening them that the school will not give their children’s Report Card. In many cases they are even asking them to change the school of their wards if they do not deposit the increased fee along with arrears immediately.

Children also shouted some Slogan against Fee hike and against the incumbent Education Minister & Chief Minister. Parents demanded that this fee hike must be withdrawn by the Government keeping in view the recession and eroded purchasing power of the people. They also expressed unhappiness over the tepid response of the Delhi Government on this issue. However, it was stated that this may be because of close nexus between top politicians of Delhi who almost either owns or having a partnership with the school management. Parents also asked questions from the Government how this Sixth Pay Commission is applicable to only private schools whereas other private sector employees are having pay cuts.

Even, some parents demanded that government should give subsidy or relaxation to promote education among the mass. As education is very-very important part of any civilization and without getting proper education no state/country can progress. It’s very sad that the education has become business and it’s very difficult for the average and middle class families to pay huge fees for their wards

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