My parents & teachers are my real inspiration VANDINI JESWANI


Voice from the Campus

She has done graduation from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Of Commerce , Delhi University & scored 80% in B.Com (H). Ramjas Day Boarding School.( Anand Parvat ).


Scored 92.2 % in 12th and 88.6 % in 10th class. She has done 6 year degree course { SANGEET VISHARAD } in hindustani classical music- vocal. Participated in and won many competitions like – Rotary International Club Singing competition. “ Kaun Banega Singing Superstar ” , TASHAN -2012 , ” LATA MANGESHKAR AWARD ” { MAHILA MANGAL } , TIMES Student of the year “” RAJIV GANDHI – CHALO GAON KI AUR AWARD ” , ” GEETANJALI AWARD ” Etc.. Also have taken part in Fashion Shows and Dance competitions ( salsa and contemporary). Yes she is non other than Vandini Jeswani. She is proud daughter of great artist Sh. Pankaj Jeswani.

According to her the Importance of education.. can be defined from more than one perspective. one is to make a stand for self. so that one can earn and have a standard of living. its equally important for girls and boys. so that they need not be dependent upon others. whatever you learn never goes waste. it is applied at some point of time. And an educated person is always seen with different eyes.. educated person get respect.

Yes of course, both parents and teachers play the role of making an individual for what he/she is. Something. Whatever we get by birth from parents, it reflects as i have inherited good voice from my father by birth . Later polishing my voice and teaching me music. my teachers mother and father have always taught me good values which I cherish.. Apart from studies I love singing.

I would want to hold a senior position in a reputed organisation in the field of commerce.

Youth plays a very important role. but unfortunately they do not get that much opportunities… even when they raise their voice they get unheard..

My message to the youth is – be confident. stand for what you feel is right. Do not accept what you don’t want to or which you know is wrong. if you see anything wrong oppose it the very first time so that it is not repeated.

In true terms it is really sick. where a common man can only suffer. everyone needs to make an effort at individual level .so that this bad political state of the country can be made better.

Since the time I have born I have not experienced a very good leader. I think, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a noble and good leader but only if he would had worked on his own.

I like to learn new things, like to meet new people and like to make less mistakes. I a m currently persuing M.Com from Delhi University. My parents & teachers are my real inspiration.