Status of Broadband services in Dwarka

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*MTNL Broad band is real value for money and the service is quite good. I have had no problems for the last year and a half. Ashim chakravarti

*I was earliar using Airtel connection and now for last 4 months using MTNL. I find both at par. However billing perspective MTNL is far better than Airtel. There are lot of hidden cost in Airtel and very limited transparency. They frequently changes plans and most of their plans are looks attaractive and at par with MTNL and land up very costly. Ranjeet Kumar

*I feel problem is little with MTNL office attitude and more with the linesman./guards who got paid by airtel to fix things. I got a connection of airtel, costs were exorbitant service was ok… I have MTNL connection also for last 2.5 years i feel and the service is really cool. Problem might come for few hrs in 4-5 months but its ok.. Speed is also decent. What i can expect in Rs250 plan, 100 free calls, broadbad is what i can ask god for.. For me, the customer service although funny that they talk in hindi even when u chose english 🙂 but still it works atleast for me:) But I feel MTNL is real value for money…Krishna

*I am using Broadband for last one month as ours is a new residental
apartments, we were lucky to get MTNL Connection after Six months as
cable in our Area had not been Laid. In fact I have used airtel
Connection also, I find till date mtnl connection to be at par with
airtel. Anuj Sharma

*We need to put pressure on MTNL authories. Surrender of connection is not the solution. In future the problem may also with other service providers. MTNL HAS THE BEST NETWORK ALL OVER INDIA. ANIL NAYAL

*You are lucky. I got Tri Broadband from MTNL in January 2008. Till now facing lots of problems. Whenever I try to use internet, I get “cannot find server”. Complaints at various levels have not worked. Even Chief Managing Director (CMD), of this organisation is helpless. It takes months together to get any body’s attention. Horrible experience. Thinking of surrendering this Broadband connection. Just sharing my bitter experience with you. God bless you and the MTNL ..Prof. H. D. Goyal

*I had very bad experience with MTNL.Five months back I booked for internet connection at my residence and was told that it will be done in 30 days.After 30 days I called them after continuous follow-ups came to know that the bopoking has been cancelled.I wanted to know the reason but could not know over telephone.I wrote letter to GM(Mr.R.A.Gupta) and Director (Mr.A.K.Arora ) of MTNL.When I tried to contact GM I was informed that matter has been forwarded to Area Manager.Finally I had a chat with AM and was informed that your telephone starting from 2507 and hence this can not have the internet facility.You please change your telephone no. and then book for internet connection.Finally I dropped the Idea.My trelephone 25078347; and CA No. 2053203452.Letter I had written is also reproduce:-Sushil Kumar

*I was the first 512K MTNL broadband subscriber (Tel No. 2507-3661) in
Dwarka. Intially faced lot of problems. After multiple visits of MTNL
enginners & change of ADSL modem, it got activated. Recently, after a
lot of chasing, MTNL has changed my port therby making it a bit stable. Currently, Hanging is there, though reduced significantly. It does not work beyond 512K. Promised 2 MBPS has never been seen at my place. Mahesh Tak

*We had two MTNL broadband connections in our joint family, but for the last 2-3 months, both of them had stopped working. Even after continuous complaints, noone paid attention to it, Noone came to check the problem. Everytime we used to complain they used to say, it is ok from our side, please ask your society lineman to check, there is some problem in your society wiring.Finally last week, we got the mtnl connection disconnected and got a new airtel broadband connected. Ashu

*I am using same line , Tel. No 28033216, and Ca No-2053243033. I face no connectivity problems frequently.But same help line no is not fesible all the time. After 11PM it’s not responce at all. I have to wait for next day. S. Kanti

*This is true that MTNL services are getting from Bad to worse in many of the areas. Leaving aside the broadband services which once used to be better are now worst as because of overloading where in infrastructure seems not been upgraded, services of 1504 for broadband is known to all, normal telephone lines becomes dead whenever there is breakdown of power from BSES in our DDA pocket.
The matter was taken up with GM (Mr. Harvesh Bhatia) but it was always false promises. Now the same has been taken up with CMD with a hope that the issue gets resolved. Mahesh Gupta

*My Experience with MTNL has been mixed. Since I stay in DDA flats I had opted for MTNL since last 2 1/2 years. It is very bothersome. It can be resolved by the SDO. The talk of the town is that Airtel and other providers have monthly targets and they sometimes pay the society guards or linemen to create problems in Tel line so that they can take away MTNL customers. Actually MTNL has a good connection without fineprints. Its matter of getting hold of your linesman/SDO Rohit Jain

*Yes, i am a user of MTNL TRIB plan and for past 2-3 weeks i am getting disconnected after few minutes of usage, i don’t know what is the problem. i have not yet made a formal complaint but i am as such also fed up with all the wrong calls i receive on my phone line. surrendering an MTNL line getting refund is also such a pain. sometimes the speed is quite good but for last 2-3 weeks i am having problems. Pradeep

*I am using MTNL Broadband and am extremely satisfied with the bandwidth and the spped of the connection. The service is prompt and we got good response from the service provider. Cdr IC Sharma – 25097220

*The services provided are really dissatisfactory. From the past two week the speed got down drastically with many break downs. I also have similar broadband connection in my office at I.T.O. and there also the same problems. Call to 1504 doesn’t got any results and the problem remains the same. My telephone number is 25082920. Pankaj Kochhar

*Dear All, Please share your experience/ grievance broadband services
in Dwarka Subcity. A number of resident felt like me the service is deteriorating day by day. Please express your comment (briefly along with Broadband Customer No/Tel no) so that we could take this with the officials. REJIMON

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