Dr. C. M. Bhagat

Bhagat Chandra Hospital

Summer brings joy and happiness to our lives. It also gives us varieties of multi coloured fruits to enjoy but also brings many types of illnesses. With little precautions we can prevent these illness and enjoy our lives. 

Summer illness can be categorized :

a. Heat illness
b. Water and food borne disease

a) Heat Illness 

i) Heat rashes – Skin irritations due to heavy sweating. 

ii) Heat cramps – Muscle pain due to heavy exertion in hot weather.
iii) Heat Exhaustion – Precedes heat stroke. It presents as heavy sweating, rapid breathing, fast and weak pulse, dehydration and listlessness.
iv) Heat Stroke – is a life threatening illness, a real medical emergency in which body temperature rises above 106 F in minutes without sweating. Symptoms include high grade fever, dry skin, strong pulse, dizziness and loss of consciousness. Immediate lowering of body temperature is needed by mechanical cooling.

b) Water and Food Borne Disease 

Summer is the ideal time for bacteria to multiply so they spread fast with foods. Common illnesses are :

i) Dysentery and diarrhea – Eating food contaminated with bacteria like Shigella, E.coli or compylobacter can lead to diarrhea and dysentery. 

ii) Enteric fever – Commonly known as typhoid fever is+ also common and caused by Salmonella bacteria. Patients develop high grade fever and if properly not treated may lead to many fatal complications. Incidence of enteric fever resistant to commonly used antibiotic in rising due to improper use of antibiotics. 

iii) Cholera – Incidence also increases and is caused by vibrio cholera bacteria. Patients develops severe diarrhea and dehydration. 

iv) Jaundice – Hepatitis A and E incidence increase during summer due to transmission through infected drinking water.

Some mosquito borne disease like: Malaria and Dengue also increases during summer.

* Increase your daily liquid intake 8-10 glass of water
* Avoid eating out at unhygienic places
* Do not shock your throat and body to extreme temperature.
* Avoid drinking water outside, even at home stick to boiled water.
* Avoid street foods, unwashed fruits and vegetables.
* Cut fruits are strict NO if kept uncovered for long period.
* Be fully covered in the Sun.
* Regular hand washing with soap.