Students of The Indian Heights School celebrated the ‘BLUE COLOUR DAY’

The Little Steps students of The Indian Heights School, Sector 23, Dwarka celebrated the ‘BLUE COLOUR DAY’ on May 11, 2018. All the children and their teachers came dressed up in different hues of blue. 

A beautiful beach scene was created in hurdle area and it was decorated with cut outs of blue clouds, fishes, blue balloons, waterfall and many other objects. The main idea was to make children aware about the colour and its importance in our life. 
Teachers discussed with kids the importance of water and various measures to save it. Important messages were displayed on the placards made by teachers on the theme ‘SAVE WATER’. Children even took a pledge not to waste water and save every drop of it. They were extremely excited to float the Paper Boats in big tubs filled with water. In the class, the tiny tots actively participated in Lemonade Making Activity under the supervision of their class teachers. They drew and coloured blue colour objects in their sketch file. 
The icing on the cake was the wrist band with a message ‘SAVE BLUE’ as a take away which did not fail in bringing cute smiles on cute faces.