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Handicapped Children’s Parents Association (HCPA) SNEH-KUNJ, Dwarka

About: We are parents of persons with Cerebral Palsy(CP). CP causes multiple disabilities to make the victim totally dependent on others even for basic needs. We have got together to create HOMES where such persons can get safe, secured and dignified accommodation if they outlive their parents. One such facility SNEH-KUNJ is already operational in Dwarka, New Delhi, INDIA. Visit our Photo Gallery to get a glimpse of SNEH-KUNJ, its facilities and the activities. We shall appreciate your contributions, help and suggestions for improvements at SNEH-KUNJ. Donations to HCPA are exempted from Income Tax u/s 35 AC or u/s 80G.

*Build Sneh-Kunj the Home for Spastics having 12000 sft Covered area with accommodation for 36 persons.
*Life care facility for Spastics when their parents pass away or cannot support them due to their own sickness / old age.
*Respite Care facility for Persons with Disability to live at Sneh-Kunj for 1-6 months when they can not be kept at home for any reason.
*To help parents of persons with disabilities. They can leave their wards at Sneh-Kunj for upto 4 weeks when they can not keep them at home due to any kind of emergency.
*Day Care Center for disabled young adults and grown ups. These persons have passed educatable age. *But training is a life long process. They are trained in concepts of colour, money, shopping. They learn to make friends, play games, adjust in society, relax, De-stress. All this brings out their hidden talents.
*Physiotherapy Lab equipped with Sophisticated Equipment & qualified staff for spastics & General Public.

Registered under Societies Regn Act.
Registered under PWD Act with Delhi Govt.
Registered with National Trust under Ministry of Justice & Social Empowerment.
Registered under FCRA Govt. of India.
Donations exempted from I Tax u/s 35 AC.
Donations exempted u/s 80 G of I Tax Act.

For donations, please contact:
Sneh-Kunj, Plot # K (Institutional) Sector-5 Dwarka,
New Delhi 110075 INDIA
Phone : 011-25088188