Supriya Kumari is the ‘other’ woman

Prembau Sharma

The doe eyed, actress Supriya Kumari is all set to step into the role of the ‘other’ woman in Zee TV’s Bhagonwali. Come next week and Supriya will step into the shoes of ‘Neelu’ – a woman from Guddu’s past who returns to the city for reasons unknown. And ofcourse, you know what they say about ‘old sparks’ – they spontaneously combust! Thus, ensues the rekindling of an old relationship between Guddu and Neelu.

Supriya, who has acted in other television shows, is only too happy to be cast in this role. “I have played the goodie two shoes so often that when the chance to be the troublemaker came my way, I jumped at the opportunity! I just hope that all the years of being good doesn’t affect the authenticity of my portrayal of Neelu!”

Watch Guddu Shukla and his new found ‘friend’ Neelu catch up on old times on Bhagonwali every Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM only on Zee TV.

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