Vinay’s rib-tickling adventure!

Prem Babu Sharma

Vinay Pathak is the master of comedy, but there is one film that will always have a soft rib-tickling corner for him, Deepa Sahi’s Tere Mere Phere, produced by Ketan Mehta and Anup Jalota.

The actor is all excited about the film that is a funny take at marriages and the war withinin love between the duo that can’t live with or without each other.

Vinay takes his role very seriously… Says he, “marriage is funny. It is like a sweetmeat – neither can you eat it and neither can you let it go. And for my co-star and bodyguard Riya Sen, marriage is like a plateful of laddoos. She would prefer to eat as much as she can.” A guffawing Vinay Pathak admits that Deepa Sahi’s Tere Mere Phere, produced by Ketan Mehta and Anup Jalota is one of the best comedies he has ever worked in.

Talking of the road film that was shot in the enchanting yet treacherous Himalayan locales, Vinay seriously tells you… “At times, it was freezing, at times, it just rained. At other times, we were pushing boulders off the roads. But what kept us going was that we were all on a Himalayan adventure. It was fun.

Vinay feels that Deepa’s uncanny knack of looking at life’s serious side with a twinkle in her eyes has reflected in the film just perfectly. “She can narrate a real serious incident in such a manner that it is entertaining. That is what makes this film special,” he echoes. “It is fun to have a director who laughs and makes you laugh. It makes the film exciting, entertaining, enticing, and the actors give their best.”