It is important to make someone happy and hence in an endeavor to support and help the not –so-privileged class of the society, Pahal Social Organization regularly involves in activities like cloth distribution at various places. Now since the winters have set in, Pahal planned to distribute clothes (especially warm). Pahal team collected clothes from various people and decided on two places for the distribution. Mitali Bhattacharya was made coordinator for sector-12, and Anjali Parashar Nandi was coordinator for Sector-10, Dwarka .

Slum dwellers from all over Dwarka, cycle-riksha pullers and people from financially weaker section of the society thronged and made a bee-line for the clothes. All the Pahal members and Malay K Chakroborty- President Pahal tried their best to distribute clothes to maximum people. Pahal members departed with the pledge that “our prime purpose in this life is to help others”.