DDA should carry out inspection of roads & footpath for better Dwarka sub-city

Sh. S R Solanki, Chief Engineer, Dwarka,
DDA, Mangla Puri
New Delhi -110045.


I would like to draw your attention towards following issues:

(1) Whenever any repair/contruction work is undertake by DDA the site is never cleaned of debris & left over construction material be it footpath repair or mastic carpeting, fixing grills, bollards or any other job,

(2) Various authorities dug up spaces for different purposes but the dug up space is NEVER restored by DDA promptly despite having charged them heavily. The recent glaring example is of spaces dug up by radius company several montha ago. But main holes, cuts are not repaired till date,

(3) The small pot holes are NEVER repaired. Wait is done until they grow big and in numbers,

(4) On many places you may see that uprooted kerb stones at central verges & footpaths keep on lying here & there and not restored,

(5) Obstructions & encroachments keep on coming but not prevented, recent glaring example is encroachment by police on the footpath of road no. 210 and a number of unauthorized hazardous speed breakers on service roads,

(6) Many tree guards and planters remain empty and replacement plantation is not done for several years, glaring example sector 12 market no plantation done till date

(7) On several crossings slip rads can be made but money is being spent to create planters with boundry walls. In my view this is nothing but blind planning done without visiting the site.

One of the basic reasn for all of these issues has come up i.e. lack of field inspection. Like other civic agencies concerned DDA field staff/ JE is supposed to carry out inspection of roads & footpath under their respective jurisdication but it is not happening. The NON-INSPCTION of area is leading to above problems. If a proper & reqular inspection is dome by the area officer, there is no quation of above problems to remain unattended, even its occurrence can be avoided.

In view of above I request that you personally review the situation on priority & take necessary action in the matter. The regular inspecton would ultimately avoid many problems & reduce the work pressure on DDA officers.

Please acknowledge.

Yours faithfully,

S K Goyal
 Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.

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