Tarot Predictions for 2012 with Angel advice

By Nisha – Traot reader

Aries: The Ram (Fire)
Planet: Mars
Tarot : The Emperor

Personal : You will be more than aware of your feelings this year. A time to confront those hidden emotions and keep a check on anything that is mentally playing on your mind but you refuse to confront it. This year will see all your buried emotions surfacing and you will be compelled to work on them.

Profesional : There are a lot of things you want to do all at once. A few things will go right and some incidents will crop up in your life reminding you of times when you might have been not-so-honest with your dealings. It is payback time for you when you will have to be as supportive to those who have helped you at your time of need. Playing mind games will go against you. There could also be times when you might get into office politics just to save yourself from being hit. Be careful.

Love : Love blooms. You’ve been looking for a match and this is the time you will come across someone who sparks a fire in you ! Someone who will propel you to be yourself, your creativity and persona will bloom because of this person! I see June as an important time when you will want to decide about prospects of being in a relation or getting married! Luck! Muah!!!

Angel Advice : Do not procrastinate ! Now is the time to go ahead and take action without nursing doubts ! Trusting your gut feeling will be the best way to move forward this year!

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