Teacher Empowerment Program at JM International School

“A teacher should not only be efficient but effective”
To have a life-long connection between the teacher and the taught, one needs to infuse a sense of involvement and commitment towards teaching. It is this mission that led to a five-day Teacher Empowerment Program at JM International School Dwarka. In order to develop and improve the craft of each and every mentor in the school, the program which included eight different workshops extending over a period of five days provided a holistic experience encompassing a wide range of avenues.

The five-day soiree began with a ‘ How to be an Inspiring Teacher’ workshop conducted by the school principal, Ms. Anuradha Govind. She set the tone for the course of events to follow by redefining effective techniques to touch lives of children so that they become life-long learners. Her second venture, ‘ Change the way You Teach’ exposed the teachers to innovative ideas that could be employed in order to improve and update their instructional devices and become better teachers.

The Creative Craft Workshop, Story Telling Workshop and The School Cinema Workshop equipped the teachers with tools to handle class room situations more appropriately and address and face academic issues, problems and challenges satisfactorily. The resource persons for the above said workshops; Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan, Mr. Ashtam Neelkanth and Ms. Vega Sharma were extremely impressive in their delivery.

The First Aid Workshop conducted by Mr. I P Arora and The Fire Safety Workshop by Mr. Sunil Dagar highlighted on the need to provide a safe and secure environment to the school students. The teachers realised their responsibility in this aspect.

Lastly, The Yoga Workshop organised by Yogacharya Amit was the most popular of all as it stressed upon the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of a teacher.

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together progress; working together is success”… Following this mantra, the interactive, engaging and insightful program has fully equipped and prepared the JMIS faculty in imparting quality education for its young learners. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience and look forward to more such workshops in the future.