“Creative Six” at Creativity Art Gallery

A new show at Creativity Art Gallery – “Creative Six” featuring the work of extremely talented artists – Manas Ranjan Jena, Sidharth Pansari, Sujata, Vijay Sharma, Jitender Dangi and Sanjay chakraborty. The exhibition will include relief prints, dry pints, collographs and lithographs. Show runs till 10th April to 7th May 2015.
What happens when you bring six creative minds under the same roof? It is a potpourri of colors, emotions and imagination. Six artists to be showcased by us have been carefully handpicked for your eyes to feast on. Each of the personalities that ‘Creativity Art Gallery’ is showcasing touches different subjects that’ll strum a chord. Visual treats are by Mr. Jitender Dangi whose strong strokes come together to form song and dance or depict a scene from around your everyday surroundings. 

Mr. Shekhar Jhamb, the director of the ‘Creativity Art Gallery’ express his motto very aptly, “The aim of the gallery is not only to bring forward good artists but artists who think differently. We want to imprint these artists in the minds of the masses and help ignite aspiring artists as well. When that happens, I’ll feel I’m on the right track”.