“Supernatural” movie shot in a real haunted Building!

Abhishek Dubey 

Ghost is the scariest part of everybody life but scaring the audience is not easy. Many directors from Hollywood and Bollywood had tried their hand to make audience to get goose booms but it’s a very difficult task. This time Bollywood will get shuddery through the “Supernatural” Movie. Bollywood producer Satish Reddy and Director Haroon Rashid has chosen the real Haunted Building to give you the chilling effect of ghost. The history of this haunted Building is that a person had committed suicide in that very place.

Director Haroon Rashid Said, “Earlier the Building wasn’t chosen because of its haunted character but later it was discovered as in one night it gave an eerie feel. I got to know the Building has a history after we started shooting for the movie, the cast and crew did get a little spooked. I myself was got so much scared.”

The movie has already got rave review in international film festivals like Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Shanghai International film festival. The movie had listed in The Limca Book of Records and will soon be listed in Guinness Book of World Records.