Teaching – a journey of innovation workshop organized at R.D.Rajpal School

On 19th April, 2014 the teaching faculty of R.D.Rajpal School under the guidance of Mrs. Sonia Rehlia, resource person and an eminent author for pre-primary and primary students put forth an amazing workshop by channelizing the creative thoughts of teachers in a positive way. It was a three hour session of fun and laughter when the teachers indulged in activities. In this ever challenging world of education the right blend of learning, exposure & research are a must for the overall growth of an individual. Education has gone through a major metamorphosis and Mrs. Sonia Rehlia insisted that we as teachers can be a real catalyst in the teaching-learning scenario.

The three hour session was immensely motivational and a wonderful beginning for the new academic session. It really did charge up the teachers to adapt methods in bringing out the best in each and every child. She encouraged the teachers to analyze the role of school in nurturing the tender souls by adopting an inclusive curriculum, giving holistic inputs and formulating a well-rounded assessment and evaluation strategy. She emphasized on the educator’s role in creating and nurturing healthy communication. The curriculum should give equal impetus to all the four communication skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. This was indeed a positive approach in order to turn out confident and articulate adults of tomorrow who can achieve the magnificent goals that ‘literacy’ intended for both the individual as well as the society. Workshops of this manner leave an impact on the educators who play a vital role in the metamorphosis of the teaching-learning phenomena.