Yoga experts of Patanjali Yoga Peeth visit Dwarka

These days all over Dwarka if you visit any park in the early morning you will see residents of all age groups men and women practicing Yoga. It is not only exercise but also meditation, relaxation and get-together of society people. Some people are seen stretching on their own but majority are seen learning in yoga session groups from expert teachers from Patanjali Yoga Samiti, district Dwarka. You can go to Sector 11, District Park, near Metro station in the morning from 5:30am to 7am to practice Yoga and learn from Yoga experts. Recently Jaideep Arya came from Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Haridwar, to Sector-11 park to teach yoga. Those present were Ashok Tyagi- Delhi Rajya Prabhari, RS Malik- Sanghathan Mantri, Shanta Taneja-Mahila Prabhari, Captain Balwant- Jila Prabhari, Nirmala, Geetanjali, Gajraj Dabas and Manmohan Gupta- Yoga teacher. Jaideep Arya appreciated Manmohan Gupta for doing a good job all over Dwarka by inculcating Yoga in Dwarkaites. 

Jaideep Arya taught Pranayam and many other Aasans. He says, “Yoga is being popular and its demand has gone up over the years and is now becoming a trend for young and old, men and women and rather is more preferable over gym. I would suggest that everyone should take out 1 hour atleast to practice yoga to remain fit and healthy.”
“We are doing our best efforts to reach out to Dwarkaites and conducting Yoga classes at different places in Dwarka so that Yoga enthusiasts can avail of the opportunity and learn Yoga. People are now understanding the health benefits of Yoga and are being more inclined to it,” said Gupta.
Yoga and meditation also helps to get rid of drug and other alcoholic habits. Yoga experts are coming from Haridwar to take regular sessions for them. On 3rdAugust, Kendriya Prabhari Sachin who came from Haridwar took a session in DDA Park, Sector-7, Dwarka. Another class was taken by Ashok Tyagi, Delhi Rajya Prabhari at Divya Kiran Nasha Mukti Kendra, Sector 7, Dwarka. The Director Sandeep Chaudhary also appreciated Manmohan Gupta, Yoga teacher for giving social service. Ashok Tyagi awarded Manmohan Gupta saying that he is a certified teacher from Patanjali and was honoured to do a good job and appreciated his aasans of Yoga.