The DDA Park in Sec 2 is the worst Park in Dwarka

The DDA Park in Sec 2 is the worst Park in Dwarka -totally neglected . What is more surprising every year more than Rs 8 lakhs are spent on its development. Series of RTI revealed that corruption is rampant in the name of development of this Park. In Jan 2016 more than 80 pits were dug. After a few days they were again filled. When details were sought in scorching summer on May 21st 2016, 120 trees were planted. Tree guards have been put. 40% of the plants have died. RTI information also revealed that Park has two bore wells and one of them is out of order for last 4 years. When pressure was put on them through RTI they have made the other Bore well also functional.

Brother what is bad this is a Park.DDA Board put up clearly warns that playing of cricket, football etc is banned but children from adjoining areas play here as a result Residents of Sec 2 are not able to utilise the facility of this Park. I have sent letter to the 18 Associations of Sec2 Dwarka but unfortunately except one no one has bothered to speak. Through your good offices if something can be done for the development of Sec2 Park I will be grateful. 
Citizen’s reporter
Dr. Surendar Chowdhry 
( Retd IRS) Ex Commissioner Customs & Central Excise