India again can be Sone ki chidiya

My Dear Countrymen,

On this solemn day, I wish you all my heartiest congratulations!!
Today India is free and we all have our rights as well as duties. But the independence which we have got today has been at the cost of thousands of martyrs and brave sons of Bharat Mata.

They laid down their lives so that we can have a bright future. But unfortunately they never expected the conditions will be so bad after independence. Today corruption is rampant. We see daily in news about the way corruption has engulfed the common wealth games. There are many atrocities which are prevalent in India.

We need to change this system because those who are ruling the country are themselves corrupt. They do not care about the common man. They think about their benefits only.

I urge all countrymen to be united and face this serious problem. We all should take a pledge on this day to bring the change so that India can once again become the “Sone ki chidiya“.

Jai Hind!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
V.S. Bisht
President RWA, Pocket 1 – Sector 14
Radhika Apartment, Dwarka, New Delhi.