“Earth & Books provide enough for every man’s need”. Students of Bal Bhavan International School recently confirmed the above said quote by commemorating two significant UNO Days; the Earth Day on 22nd & The World Book Day on 23rd of April’15. Much vigor and enthusiasm could be seen in the students while contributing their efforts into the activities. The program began with the special assembly beholding the pledge to protect the globe, followed by a brilliant cultural event with a song in support to Mother Earth. A short play was performed by some students and others participated in Poster making to generate awareness of this day. Classes VI to VIII created beautiful creations out of waste, depicting nature. Not leaving the teaching staff behind, the craft teacher personally made a memento representing the Earth Day and presented it to Vice Principal Ms. Jaspreet Kaur.

The importance of forgotten entities ‘the books, were well reminded by the cultural event wherein all sorts of books overpowered by technology were well portrayed. Students of classes III-V went to the library and wrote their thoughts on a dummy book created by craft department. Their thoughts were mesmerizing. They came out with a smile and learned many things. Not only this, Students of classes VI-VIII were told to choose a novel and wrote a book review on the same. The innumerous interest shown by the students while celebrating these noteworthy days not only enhanced the knowledge, but also facilitated them with a vision of creating a flawless world.