Best wishes message for Education Hub 2017 – Dr.T.P Singh

Dr.T.P Singh -Principal, RPVV Sec 10 Dwarka
I am enthused with elation to learn that the renowned and esteemed News paper ‘Dwarka Parichay’ is bringing out its Magazine. Dwarka Parichay has left no stone unturned to record and document the achievements of schools, students, teachers and educators.

I would like to acknowledge that Dwarka Parichay has not restricted itself to only public schools but has broadened its horizon by taking good care of government schools as well.“Education is like a lamp that dispels the darkness of ignorance,it is a sacred endeavor that draws out the best of the individual’s inner potential” and Dwarka Parichays contributions in the field of education are immense. I sincerely wish that this magazine will open new vistas and platforms for new ventures in education.

I owe my gratitude for infusing the spirit of journalism among students of RPVV sec 10 Dwarka by providing them opportunity to showcase their creative talents in variety of genres. I am sure that this collaboration will flourish to the hilt and shall bring forth the best out of it.

I earnestly feel that this new endeavour of Dwarka Parichay will continue to establish new bench marks in future,

I congratulate the entire team behind the making of this magazine whose honest hard work is going to be fructified is most glorious way.

Dr.T.P Singh

RPVV Sec 10 Dwarka