The man with a mission-Ali Mirzaee


Yes, he is a perfect example of “The man with a mission”. The mission of spreading humanity in the world. He is an Afghanistani actor & film producer. Once upon a time, He was a celebrity in his beautiful country Afghanistan. Now, he is struggling in India. But his contribution in the field of theatre and cinema always remember forever. Qurban Ali Mirzaee popular to Baba Sabour that all Afghans know him to name of Baba Sabour who this name is the art name of Qurban Ali Mirzee.

He is an author and director too that those movies that he made are: Dasia this movie broadcast in India and also this actor invited 4 times in National School of Drama with all actors of his theatre.

Qurban Ali Mirzee working for than a decade in medias that his responsibility was announcer and director of short film and serials. Hehas more than 30 episodes, 15 episodes, and 8 episodes on TV and also theatres to his credit. Interestingly, his play Evil Temptation got 1st place in 7th national festival of Afghanistan and second play Nurbandak matchmaking got 1st place In 8th national festival of Afghanistan He was a martial art player but came into this theatre & cinema world way back in 1991. He got lot of appreciation from his nationals for his sincere and good work. Suddenly, he was kidnapped by some rich & religiously motivated people. He was severely tortured and even they tried to kill him. His fault was that he made a short film “Mother” You can watch the said film at following YouTube Link

in which he showcased not to destroy the idol of Buddha & to spread the message of peace & Humanity. You can also see his interview on the following YouTube link:

But its rightly said that All is well that’s end well. Fortunately he could escape by the grace of good people. Now, he is living simple but safe life in India. In India, he created a group of artists and willing to work with the same passion. He believes that one day he will gather good artists and start working on good creative theatre and film projects in India as well. Presently, Ali Mirzaee is living with his wife and 3 his sons and 1 his daughter and his bride and the brother of his bride. Its very difficult for them to earn their livelihood. He is carrying refugee card of UNHCR but not getting any financial or residential assistance from any part of the world.

A man in need is a friend indeed. So, you can come forward and help him on humanitarian ground itself. If some individual/institutions/group/Human Right organization want to help. Please come forward his mobile no. is 9643774680 and his email id is