Theatre Workshop at Sri VIS, Dwarka

Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18, continuously strives to make learning a process, free from the intricacies of dependence on text based understanding. On April 5, 2013 a Theatre workshop was conducted to further the learning of facilitators so that they could incorporate the new techniques within the existing pedagogy.

Ms Charlotte Farmer, a dramatics teacher from London, UK with a degree in performing Arts from Paris, France along with her team: Ms Shruti, Ms Dexter and Ms Naomi from the organization Commotion, introduced the facilitators to the world of learning through theatre. The workshop commenced with ice breaking games that led to uninhibited erudition. Thereafter techniques of voice modulation, theatrics, use of teaching aids with a difference and role play were incorporated to keep the impact of learning last for a longer time.

The team integrated the ideologies of Multiple Intelligences as they made teaching an effortless process and paved way for new ideas for the facilitators to incorporate in their classrooms. This was just the next step in the process of learning for the facilitators as they pledged to bring out the innate potential of each student.