Apathetic condition of BSES

Citizen’s Reporter

A complaint of theft from street pole no. 930(PLM) was reported many a times but ultimately it was attended and the response from BSES on the complaint “No theft found”. After lodging complaint within two days the wires from the street box (as seen in the pic) was removed. After another two days telephone call was received from BSES stating that there is no theft. Was the picture attached along with the complaint was false. This clearly shows the nexus BSES staff with those involved in electricity of theft.

Beside above that it is a common scene in Delhi around 40% of the street lights in Delhi are not switched off after sun rise. This is not only waste of energy but makes a hole in consumers pocket. The road owning agency pay energy charges as fixed by DERC to BSES which ultimately goes from our pocket. BSES should install timer as manual operation is not successful. This will help saving energy which is very scare and costly in urban cities. 
Another suggestion was made to Government of Delhi and BSES to go for solar street lighting in Dwarka sub-city. First the Dwarka flyover can be taken up on experimental basis and slowly extended to other main arterial roads in Dwarka sub-city. The Delhi Government has acknowledged saying the matter is forwarded to concerned. But at the end of the day it is we the consumers who have to keep a tab on such misuse of electricity.

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