Time to awaken sleeping “Anna” in each one of us

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India

Buddha represents the “enlightened one”. Buddha is a state of mind and not a person. So is Anna today. He represents the corruption free state of mind. Anna represents the Satvic state of mind in each one of us which is not under the influence of Tamas or Rajas.

Each one of us is controlled by the duality of mind and instead of taking the right actions we end up in taking the convenient actions. The right action is tough and may not give immediate results. The convenient action gives us the immediate gains.

Indulging in corruption is the most convenient way of getting any work done. We tend to buy movie tickets in black; give money to electricians to get the electricity fixed up; buy goods in cash to save sales tax, bribe babus to get petty government works done etc.

The time has come to waken up the sleeping “Anna” in each one of them. We should take a pledge that from today we will not give bribe or accept bribe from any one. As professional we will not give or accept commissions.

Let us become Satyugi living in Kaliyuga and not Kaliyugi living in Kaliyuga. Even if we remain in minority we a group of Satyugui can make an impact in Kaliyuga.

The awakened Ana within us will give us the strength to fight with the corrupt ones in the society.
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