La vie est faite de petits bonheurs – “Life is full of little pleasures.”
The France Exchange Programme was the best surprise for the French students this year. SVIS believes that we do not get wise reflecting on our past experiences or achievements, rather by taking on the mantle of responsible global citizenship hence the flagship event, the Milna exchange programme with the French College Sabine Zlatin, to foster international camaraderie. It all started in the first week of April 2018, with the visit of a 21 pupil French student body and three teachers, to enjoy the hospitality of Indian host families. The capital, Delhi, in all its vibrant colours enthralled the group ,as did the hospitality of the host families. The school wished to reciprocate the same and invited the SVIS team.

The picturesque middle school, at the foot-hills of Alps in Belley, was a sight to behold and they generously extended their warmth and hospitality to 16 of their SVIS counterparts along with three French teachers. Our arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on a buzzing Monday afternoon, spelt great excitement with a beatific ride in open excursion boats for a panoramique view of Paris on Bateau Mouche along the river Seine. Another highlight was the six hours drive to the school where excited families were waiting to receive their Indian guests.
The next morning, the children went for sight seeing. Milna Members Mr. Ben and J.D and Ms. Julliet Hedden Michel accompanied them to the Tourism Office to play Treasure Hunt and the evening ended with a challenging rock climbing activity.

The following day an impressive tour was organised to the landmark United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. The students were delighted to brush shoulders with International delegates and dignitaries. On 25 April the SVIS students savoured the Geography class experience at the College where they had a lively discussion about the Indian and French culture. A savoury activity was conducted where our learners made some mouth-watering appetizers for the grand finale. Our students stunned the French audience with a cultural dance performance that set their feet tapping.,

The next two days were a thrilling weekend celebration, with the French families. On 28 April 2018 students explored the idyllic city of Lyon and the hectic day ended with shopping for souveniers at the Le Part-Dieu mall. April 29 was the day to bid adieu and the parting was emotional as well as memorable.
Paris proved to be a sensational city, with renowned architectural beauty. The students were fortunate to visit the magnificent Musee du Lovre, Sacre Coeur (church) Notre Dame, witness the iconic Mona Lisa original, and the magnifique Eiffel Tower.

The student group returned to the country on 30 May, bubbling with bonheur (happiness), bearing prized memories of the sejour (stay) with the promise of meilleur amis (best friends) for a lifetime.