Traffic diversions towards sector-21 metro station

For the last 15 days traffic police starts diverting traffic from Keshav Kunj towards metro station sector-21. Due to this all the residents of Sector-22,23,9,10 and other sectors are facing a lot of problem during peak hours 7.45 AM-10.00 AM . There is a Govt. School also on the road between sector-22 & sector-21 metro station this traffic noise is disturbing school and also residents of sector-22. There is no space left for walkers as on both roads the traffic is allowed. There is huge traffic Jam daily. College buses are getting late and children are missing their lectures and also attendance which is leading to their study loss.

It is requested that the matter may please be taken up with Traffic Police and the traffic should be smooth as it was earlier.

Citizen’s reporter

अनीता गुलयानी