A tribute to Mother Nature

The world is beautiful ! Isn’t it ? Yes definitely. The natural beauty Mother Nature has bestowed upon Mankind has made it all the more beautiful and worth living. Wandering in places of touristic importance, away from the hustle of city life, in the lap of nature, a thought percolates in minds of the wanderers to make a home in that place to enjoy natural scenery rather than cherishing the memories.
Have we ever wondered that who has created all this so beautifully and in perfect harmony with the place, be it hills, lakes/rivers, flowers or the trees. Yes, it is She, Mother Nature, like, so many other Goddesses, who shadows us anywhere we go, providing shade under the Sun, scent of the flowers across the trodden path, water bodies, fruits and vegetables to eat, birds to chirp and much more.
Now, contrast the virtual reality in Dwarka. The hills are turned into high-rise concrete, water-bodies into water tankers plying all around, the trodden paths as pot-holed roads, the scent of the flowers across the trodden path, as stench of the open drain prominent in many sectors, fruits and vegetables at exhorbitant prices, chirping of birds as dog’s bark and much more.
Still, there is nothing to worry since Dwarka is not a teen yet and we have inherited much to cherish. Enjoy your entry from Dwarka fly-over into Dwarka, DDA flats on the left side present a visual treat to the eyes with seasoned flakes on the Siris trees, ready to burst like crackers in the blowing whistle of hot air, the umbrella like green canopy of Alstonia trees on the right
side shortly to blossom like white golf balls. Turn left, right or go straight, everywhere you can cherish the bounty Mother Nature has blessed us with, be it Pilkhan readying to turn golden, Gulmohur which is still red, Amaltas having just finished its golden lobes reminding one of buying the gold ear-rings for his sweetheart, Kachnar having just scored high symbolizing peace through white flowers, Katsagon with its unique green fruit capsules upto 60 cm long, shortly to follow and much more.
There is still much more around to be seen to believe as I have myself seen images on tree trunks of not only, Mother Nature herself, but also, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, besides, Mother and Son, Tribal Woman, Herd of Elephants, Dragon, Agony. Crucification, Eternity, Bears, Owl, Bull’s horns. Frog. Giraffe, Bonny, Adolocence. Reincarnation, Witch and even reminiscences of Khajuraho and so on.